Ameer Rosic – Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, Adviser



Hey, I’m Ameer, Serial Entrepreneur, Adviser and Investor:

As well as, founder of 6figurecoach, Riparo Clothing Inc, Mindsetbydesgin Inc, Rosic Investment Group and adviser to startups: Currently I am working with Broya Inc and Activation Products Inc

How can I help you?

I help startups coaches, executives, entrepreneurs, physicians, athletes, operatives, and finance professionals scale their services and business online.





I want to help you business and mindset GROW Exponentially!



This Free Video Training Series Will Help You Achieve More, Re-Energize Your Life, And Influence More People Quickly And Easily



 I want you to Master your life!

As a Keynote speaker giving lectures and workshops around the world about Entrepreneurship, motivation and mindset. I have seen how important it is to Win At Life!

I have spoken for E.O , Metro Toronto Convention Center and many other worldwide venues.

If you would like to book me to speak. Please contact my team here 

The saying goes…

“If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful at all. ~Michelangelo”

Now on to some boring stuff…

As well as a world renowned Podcast Host of “The Ameer Rosic Show” heard in over 22 different countries worldwide and downloaded over 20k times each week.

I have a very popular Youtube channel with more than 35 000 subscribers, and I was the Canadian Kettlebell Biathlon Champion. In my free time, I teach entrepreneurs how to achieve mastery in their life.

Check me out daily on my Periscope Feed @ameerrosic

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