How to Succeed in Life: The Antifragile Equation of Life

How to Succeed in Life

Your systems, your schools, your education is making you weak. Why you ask?

Because you’re living in a fragile ecosystem. What is a fragile ecosystem you ask? Good question!

Fragile vs Antifragile: What is the catch? how to succeed in life: The Antifragile equation of life There are two forms of ecosystems. Fragile and Antifragile.

I will be going through both, to teach you why you need to leave the fragile state and become Antifragile.

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7 Days to Rockstar Organization

How To Organize Your Life in One Week

You just can’t seem to get shit done. You procrastinate and your to-do-list seems to never finish.

Now why do you think this is happening? Lack of organization? Lack of Focus?
Lack of self-motivation? None of the above!

Let me first tell you. What I am about to tell you may sound harsh, but man up and deal with it.

I wasn’t always like I am today, Hell No! I wasn’t driven, I wasn’t organize and my all means I wasn’t getting shit done. I was chaotic…

What the hell did I do to change? This is what I like call The Get Shit Done Formula.

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The Modern World’s WORST Bad Habit

Do You Sit All Day? 3 Simple Steps that May Save Your Life

New scientific research has come to light recently that is sending shock waves through the medical community.

Did you know that sitting is actually damaging your health, increasing your risk of cancer, and shortening your life?

Did you know that another study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine showed that older women who sat for many hours were more likely to die sooner…and that women who sat for more than 11 hours a day were at the highest risk?

Did you know that the more you sit, the more your insulin sensitivity drops and your risk of Type 2 diabetes increases?

Did you know that for every two hours daily you spend sitting in front of a screen, you raise your risk of colon cancer by 8%, endometrial cancer by 10%, and lung cancer by 6%?

(Dr. Graham Colditz, an expert on cancer prevention at Washington University in St. Louis, says this shows that chronic sitting actually causes colon and endometrial cancer.)

Today’s Podcast I got Dr Brenda and Chad to talk all things sitting. Trust me you dont want to miss this one!

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How To Make Success A Habit

aj roberts How to hack a your mind and become a world record holder

Have you ever wondered what it would take to become the best version of yourself to biohack your life to greatness? We spend a lot of time comparing yourself to ourselves to other people’s success.

But what is success?

Having lots of money, getting a new car, getting a new job?

Do you ever ask yourself what success looks like for you, and what it would take to get the success you are looking for. Are you willing to give up what needs to be given up to succeed and get out there and get after it at all cost?

On Today’s podcast, AJ Roberts comes on to talk about How To Hack Your Mind For Success.

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3 Quick Tips To Increase Fat Loss and Avoid Brain Fog

Do we have it all wrong- The Food Pyramid Scam- When Science is NOT what it Seems

If you take yourself seriously as a high performing individual whether that be an athlete, successful entrepreneur, or leader in your field, you’re certain to have wondered how you can optimize your diet to improve your body image as well as your mental performance.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of conflicting nutritional advice (much of it nonsense!) coming from even the most highly respected of experts with the most prestigious credentials.

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