How to Hack Your Brain with Exercise – Part One: 22 Ways to Unleash the Power of Play

How to Hack Your Brain with Exercise – Part One: 22 Ways to Unleash the Power of Play -

Pursuing the epic life of your dreams can be stressful and busy, especially with the additional challenge of squeezing in exercise.

Is your pursuit of fitness one more stressor on top of the others? Another task to squeeze into your day? Another drain on your willpower?

If so, you’re making a big mistake.

Did you know that scientists have discovered that willpower is a finite resource?

It’s like a muscle. It tires with overuse. You’ve experienced failed reps at the end of a workout. That’s muscle fatigue kicking in.

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Exercises to do when sitting in the car

There is no excuse not to train Even if you sit in the car all day!

There is no excuse not to train. Even if you sit in the car all day! They say sitting is the new smoking, so what can you do to mitigate the effects of sitting in the car all day or when you have to travel long distances?

Here are 8 exercises you can do in the car to activate the muscles and get the heart pumping! I also added Exercise X! Enjoy!

Although most of these exercises can be done while driving, safety should be your first priority! Some exercises I recommend you only do while standing still or in a traffic jam (slow driving max 10!)

If you experience any dizziness while performing these exercises stop doing them immediately and breath!

Most people tend to hold their breath while doing static movements. Don’t! Use deep diaphragmatic breathing and keep breathing! This will not only keep you from getting dizzy but also help you distress

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Navy SEAL Biohacking A Warrior Like Mind-Set

How to Biohack the inner secrets of Navy SEAL

Ever thought what it would take to become a Navy Seal? Hard physical work is what comes to mind right? toughness is just a part of what goes on for a Navy Seal.

real work starts with the mind-set and mental toughness.

mind-set is what’s going to get you over the line when your body is saying know more my friend we need to STOP!!! This is no joke when you have people pushing you to the max, and looking to see and test your mental strength by doing 1000 BURPEES!!! YES, that’s right 1000 burpees in one go BOOM!!!

this podcast, Mark Divine talks all about what it takes day in day out to become a NAVY SEAL and what kind of mind-set you need to get you there.

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Why Skinny Guys Must Workout Differently

Why Skinny Guys Must Workout Differently

Learn today why skinny guys must workout differently and 3 best exercises to do! If you are a typical skinny guy, or in more bodybuilding terms, have an ectomorph body type I’m sure you have experienced many of the same frustration’s I have.

These frustration’s included, working out for months on end not noticing any difference in size at all, or even worse, seeing my body weight decrease! My solution at the time because at that period I didn’t know any better was to work out more.

I figured I must not be pushing it hard enough at the gym, and that gains would start coming if I increased the frequency of my workouts. Of course I also wanted to maintain my stamina so I did cardio a few days a week.

I worked out this way for a couple years, thinking the end result was not far off and eventually all my hard work would pay off. Of course, it never came.

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Bruce Lipton: Subconscious “Programming” – 5 Key Ways to Change Yours

Bruce Lipton: 7 ways to reprogram your subconscious mind

If you’ve ever said you’re of two minds about something, you were right. The mind that had that idea was your self-conscious mind, the seat of cognitive thinking, personal identity, and free will.

It is the part of the mind that proclaims wants, desires, and intentions, and consequently the part that makes God laugh. :)

The joke is that that part of the mind imagines who we think we are, but it controls only 5 percent or less of our lives.

In this podcast we turn our desires and wishes into our reality. See how it’s done! Bruce Lipton-7 ways to reprogram your subconscious mind

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