9 Natural Dopamine Boosting Foods to Overcome Depression

7 Boosting Super Foods To Enhance your Dopamine Levels

Boosting Dopamine Levels with Lifestyle and SuperFoods The brain is run through an electrical circuitry that depends upon key neurotransmitters.

Dopamine is associated with the “pleasure system” of the brain and allows us to feel enjoyment and a sense of reward in order to motivate performance.

It also helps with focus and attention and the ability to feel pleasure. There are key lifestyle strategies and superfoods that help enhance our dopaminergic system.
Individuals with low dopamine levels often experience hopele

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The Vagus nerve: Your guide to biohacking depression

The vagus nerve: What is it and why you should you care about it?

As a holistic practitioner you never really want to play favorites, but admittedly I have a favorite nerve. It is a nerve that most people have never heard of but it may play one of the most central roles in your quality of life and is critical to understand for those looking to bio-hack into the very foundation of their physiology. My favorite nerve is the vagus nerve, also known as the pneumogastric nerve. The vagus nerve is the longest nerve in the body and the master controller of our immune cells, organs, and stem cells.

In Greek, the word vagus means wanderer and as you will learn in this short article, it certainly lives up to its name. In this bio-hack blog post I’m going to share my favorite reasons to hack into the intelligence of this amazing nerve. As the name implies, the vagus nerve travels throughout the body.

It originates as cranial nerve ten (CNX) in the brain and then travels down the front of the neck enveloping the digestive system, visceral organs, the heart and the lungs. It covers an incredible surface area and carries very important messages along its neuronal superhighway.

The tone of the vagus nerve is critical in activating the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) also known as the “rest and digest”system. The PNS is the polar opposite of the fight or flight system (sympathetic nervous system).

When stimulated, the vagus nerve produces many incredible health benefits that are critical for the digestive, cardiovascular, neurological, reproductive system, and repair mechanisms of the body.

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How I hacked my brain: 5 steps that you can do now!

How to hack your brain into awesomeness

Not everyone is born with a big brain. Not everyone can say things like ‘Elementary, my dear Watson’ with a straight face. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get an edge on the competition.

Remember that scene from the Matrix, where the machines are using humans as disposable AA batteries? That’s not far off the mark. With over 100 billion neurons, your brain produces about 100 Watts of raw energy.

The mind literally has a life of its own. And like your other muscles, the more you use it, the bigger it gets, the better it works. If you’re looking to improve mental cognition, increase your memory, and enhance your alertness, this podcast is a must listen :)

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How to get Better Sleep: 25 Steps to Hacking Your Sleep

How to biohack your sleep: 25 proven scientific methods

Sleep is one of the great mysteries of life. Like gravity or the quantum field, we still don’t understand exactly why we sleep—although we are learning more about it every day.

Originally this article appeared on Dr Mercola, however, I saw much room for improvement, so here is my added two cents ;)

Whether you have difficulty falling asleep, waking up too often, or feeling inadequately rested when you wake up in the morning—or maybe you simply want to improve the quality of your sleep—you are bound to find some relief from my tips and tricks below.

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How to become a Crossfit world champion at the age of 43

How to become a Crossfit world champion at the age of 43

Amanda Allen is the 2013 Crossfit Games Masters Champion (40-44) and an all around mega-athlete. She found Crossfit when trying to make Worlds in canoeing and after someone told her it would help supplement her abs workout! Before kicking ass at Crossfit.

Amanda was a professional Triathlete and Track Cyclist with state, national and world titles in both and even tried her hand at firefighting. She is a Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach in Adelaide, Australia, and her dog’s name is Pep.

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