Hack Your Mind For Success

aj roberts How to hack a your mind and become a world record holder

Have you ever wondered what it would take to become the best version of yourself to biohack your life to greatness? We spend a lot of time comparing yourself to ourselves to other people’s success.

But what is success?

Having lots of money, getting a new car, getting a new job?

Do you ever ask yourself what success looks like for you, and what it would take to get the success you are looking for. Are you willing to give up what needs to be given up to succeed and get out there and get after it at all cost?

On Today’s podcast, AJ Roberts comes on to talk about How To Hack Your Mind For Success.

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3 Quick Tips To Increase Fat Loss and Avoid Brain Fog

Do we have it all wrong- The Food Pyramid Scam- When Science is NOT what it Seems

If you take yourself seriously as a high performing individual whether that be an athlete, successful entrepreneur, or leader in your field, you’re certain to have wondered how you can optimize your diet to improve your body image as well as your mental performance.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of conflicting nutritional advice (much of it nonsense!) coming from even the most highly respected of experts with the most prestigious credentials.

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Can Carbs at Breakfast Kill Your Metabolism?

Do You Really Need Carbs

Nutrition and specifically breakfast is an institution to many people, it is a lot like politics and religion. Many believe fanatically in the choices they make of what they eat, with little wanting to change. One sacred cow of mainstream nutrition is the (silly) idea that you need to eat carbs at breakfast to fuel your day.

I have personally met many people who religiously think they need to eat carbs for breakfast, and lots of them at that. They claim they need it to fuel and give them energy for the day and man do people religiously stick to this belief without ever questioning why. I am going to question that in this article…

Have you ever stopped and looked at what most people eat for breakfast nowadays, or what so many parents are feeding their children? Even doing a simple google image search of “breakfast” this is all you will see.

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Sitting Is the New Smoking: Your Sedentary Lifestyle Is Killing You

is sitting killing you?

What would you say if I was to ask you what is the biggest pain in your ass, shopping for a new pair of shoes? Or a brand new luxury sofa?

How about both.. I am literally not kidding here!!

Let me explain, both go against the physiology of your body, wearing shoes with any kind of heel and sitting around on sofas. Both can quite literally be a pain in your ass because of imbalance in the body’s structure can lead to your glutes (ass) not functioning properly that can lead to all kinds of back problems.

Now day’s people are not experiencing injuries playing high impact sports, where experiencing injuries getting up from a chair or bending down to pick up a pencil.

In this podcast, Katy Bowman movement expert talks all about the importance of moving your body for optimal health.

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Creative Block? Hack Your Brain With Flow and Boom!

How to Hack Your Brain with Exercise – Part One: 22 Ways to Unleash the Power of Play -

Boost happiness and creativity with Flow! Flow is what you feel during “peak” experiences. It is a state of consciousness similar to mystical, near-death, and even psychedelic experiences.

When in flow, you feel and perform better than your best. In flow, you come alive.

Even in chaotic situations, flow transforms you into the calm eye of the hurricane. Fear and inhibition melt away. Focus tightens on the activity. Movements and decisions unfold effortlessly, as if you’ve stepped aside to let the muses take care of things.

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