How to Enhance Your Brand Image, Get More Clients and Command Higher Rates

5 Steps to Book Yourself Solid in 90 Days

Do you find yourself banging the desk and saying “Why aren’t I getting any clients?”

Do you find it hard to make money as a coach? Do you just want to give up as a Coach?

Now, let me ask you this… Are you finally ready to learn how to get paid for what you are worth?

Over the last couple of years I have been able to grow my coaching business well over 6 figures and transforms the lives of many.

I was able to grow my coaching business with the golden rule: RESULTS and delivering value!

Businessmen and coaches are shocked when explain to them my business model.

I am about to show you exactly how I get a clients and how I can charge anywhere from $250 – $600 an hour!

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Why You Should Consider The 90 Day Letter

Why You Should Consider The 90 Day Letter

The 90 Day Letter Challenge. Do you accept?

I’m going to be teaching about the 90 day letter.

This is a great, I system my good friend Jayson Gaignard taught me about and basically it’s this.

You’re going to be creating a letter to your future self 90 days from now.

I want you to take a piece of paper, simple one: 8 x 11 and write down what you’re going to accomplish in 90 days and how you are going to accomplish it. Be very detailed too…

For example, if you want to grow your business by & 20,000 or &30,000, how are you going to accomplish that? Step-by-step processes. The more detailed you are, the better it is. And I recommend taking your time on this, don’t rush and really understand where you want to be, because what’s so powerful about the 90 day letter is this…

It makes you pause and think where you want to go, because let’s face it, we’re busy, we’re hustling. And sometimes we get caught up in our own head.

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How I Repeatedly Get High-Paying Clients

3 Steps to Get High Paying Clients for Your Coaching Program

So in this video, I’m going to be teaching you how you can get clients overnight.

I get this question a lot and that is…

‘Ameer, I’m starting off as a health coach and I find everything confusing, overwhelming and I really don’t know where to start.’

If I had to rewind everything, I mean absolutely everything and go back six years, this is what I would do to get clients. It has nothing and I repeat nothing to do with online marketing or being online and having a presence via website, social media etc.

We’re going old school baby and this is what I would do:

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Dan Pena: How To Turn $820 into a $450 Million Dollar Empire

How To Turn $820 into a $450 Million Dollar Empire

Dan Peña is the 50 Billion Dollar Man who mentors high performance people to take quantum leaps with their business.

By the end of this interview you will either love Dan Peña or hate him. He has no filter. He says things as they need to be said, which you know I love! Dan Pena is a no Bullshit, tell it like it is type of guy.

Sit back and relax, as Dan Pena and I show you how to turn $820 into a $450 million dollar empire.

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